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19 June 1986
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I am very strange. I LOVE animals... I have a lot of them. I'm a sucker for a stray. I study serial killers and ghost. I love my family... most of the time. I have great friends. I crave to be different. Most the time I am very indecisive and stubborn. I have a lot of hobbies but I can be flaky about things. I am really funny. I love make-up and shopping. Music and Writing too. I also am getting married Feb. 29th, 2008. He's wonderful! I'm fun, trustworthy but not trusting, nice but not so much anymore. People tend to walk all over the nice people... such as myself. Give them an inch they take a mile... it's a real shame. I am very caring, sometimes playing the mother role or leader in the group. I don't like to be cast though. I go through phases and change my mind A LOT. I don't like to lie but I am so good at it I can't help myself sometimes. I'm jealous about Ex's not about possessions. And I don't understand how someone can judge someone just by the way they look on the outside. Because,..."Even the sweetest candies are sour as death inside."

So... enough about me... what about you?

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Date Created:2-19-08
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A very crazy but wonderfully funny woman who loves animals, ghosts, and all things interesting and strange.
Strengths: Sense of humor, Intelligence, Can talk a cow into eating a hamburger, and has no problem lying.
Weaknesses: Free stuff, Free samples, Pity for others, Strawberry Cheesecake Ice Cream by Ben & Jerry, and Disney Movies.
Special Skills: Drawing up useless random facts at the wrong time, Having too much time on her hands, Knowing all the words to sexist Rap songs, Offending multiple people at one go, and being on first name basis with serial killers.
Weapons: A pack of werewolves, your momma on her speed dial, and annoying friends that she can and WILL sic on you.
*~Favorite Quote~*: "... Imperfection is beauty. Madness is genius. And it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring..." ~ Marilyn Monroe

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